What Is Otolaryngology? Back to ENT Basics

The oldest medical specialty in the United States, otolaryngology (more commonly referred to as ENT) is the treatment of medical conditions involving primarily the ear, nose, throat as well as certain cases involving the ENT support structures – the head neck – as well as the sinuses, larynx, and mouth.

When Should You Consult an Otolaryngologist?

If you ever experience problems or have concerns that directly relate to the function of the above mentioned body parts, you should start with an otolaryngologist to get the best diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Professional Voice Blog - Aloe Vera's Healing Powers

Aloe Vera To Soothe Your Throat & Much More – Nature’s Insanely Versatile Healer

Aloe vera may be famous for its sunburn healing powers, but this natural super-food has healing properties that extend far beyond the beach.

Professional Voice Blog - Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera has 75 healing compounds in its structure, making it one of nature’s true super foods & natural remedies.

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Professional Voice Blog - Presbyterian/St. Luke's Hospital First in Rocky Mountain Region to Use New da Vinci Robot

Denver Hospital First in Rocky Mountain Region to Use New da Vinci Robot System

Next week Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center will be the first facility in Rocky Mountain region to use the new da Vinci Xi system.

The da Vinci system will provide surgeons with the capabilities of traditional open surgery while enabling them to operate through a few small incisions— it is the future of minimally invasive surgery.

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Neil Peart Treats Ear Infection In Colorado | Professional Voice Blog | Colorado Voice Clinic - Dr. Dave Opperman

Neil Peart of Rush On Treating an Ear Infection On Tour

Professional Voice Blog Neil Pert of RUSH on Treating An Ear Infection in Colorado - Colorado Voice Clinic


Via NeilPeart.Net –

The headphones I’m wearing also round off the ear-infection story, for now—or at least suggest the short version. After much experimentation with eardrops, creams, and hypotheses, two excellent doctors, Dr. Buzz Reifman and Dr. David Opperman, persuaded me to visit their clinic in Denver, specializing in “Care of the Professional Voice,” but also a musician’s ear, nose, and throat problems. Both ears were badly infected, aggravated by wearing the in-ear monitors onstage, and perhaps by wearing earplugs on the motorcycle, too—heat and moisture create a rainforest environment for bacteria, fungus, eczema, and psoriasis. The doctors prescribed a heavy regimen of three different antibiotics, and recommended that I switch to headphones (and no earplugs on the bike, but its Cee Bailey windscreen is pretty quiet). Within a few days, they had given me back two reasonably healthy ears. Never again will I take for granted simply hearing what I’m playing, what the other guys are playing, and—in everyday life—what people are saying to me. (Like when “Cruel Summer” is playing.) – Neil Peart


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Coughing Won’t Stop? – Five Signs You Should See Your ENT Specialist

Sore throat and coughing?

We are still in the middle of the nasty cold and flu season, but sometimes your winter weather cough is more severe than you think… But when is it time to see the specialist?

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da Vinci on Display at Flint Institute of Arts – via mlive.com

via mlive.com –

FLINT, MI — There was a da Vinci on display at the Flint institute of Arts, but it’s not a painting or a sculpture.

It’s a robot — sort of.

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