Continuing our Super Herbs and Spices Series, today we are looking into the health benefits of one of nature’s oldest and most widely used herbs — basil.

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Professional Voice Blog - Super Herbs | Turmeric

Super Herbs & Spices Series – Turmeric

Herbs have been used for their many medicinal properties for centuries. Ancient civilizations have been putting herbs to use to help fight viruses, heal wounds, soothe joints, and promote brain function for hundreds of years and these same herbs continue to be a major focus of holistic and alternative medicinal practices and to promote general health.

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The Professional’s Power Breakfast

We’ve heard it over and over again – “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, there’s truth to that, especially if you are a professional who works ten-to-fifteen hours a day, an artist on tour, a politician on the campaign trail, a teacher lecturing all day, or a lawyer burning the midnight oil preparing to speak in court. Breakfast is the meal the fuels our day, but most importantly for the professional, provides our bodies with essential vitamins and nutrients to keep everything working on all cylinders…especially our professional voice.

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Fight Allergies Naturally – Spring Time Allergy Superfoods

As the seasons change and spring approaches, allergies are on high-alert – but not everything outdoors is out to attack us. In fact, certain foods are actually effective natural antihistamines.

Here are five of some of nature’s best allergy fighters:

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Earache or Blockage? How to Clean Your Ears – Ear Health Part 2

Pain or blockage in your ears can be both painful and annoying. Often caused by an excess of ear wax production, and the use of objects like q-tips that push wax further into the ear canal, the blockage can often be accompanied by difficulty hearing, itching, and sometimes dizziness, which should be addressed by an ENT specialist. There are some at-home remedies to help move things along though.

When your ears are feeling a bit more full than usual, try to break up the excess ear wax with some of the following gentle at home remedies:

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Professional Voice Blog - What is Ear Wax and how NOT to Clean Your Ears

What Exactly is Ear Wax? And How NOT To Clean It Out – Ear Health Series Part 1

“Approximately 12 million people a year in the U.S. seek medical care for impacted or excessive cerumen,” – Richard Rosenfeld, MD. Chair of the AAO-HNSF Guideline Development Task Force.

It’s one of those “ignorance is bliss” kind of topics. We all have it…but nobody really wants to talk about it.

What is it? Ear wax.

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Getting to the Root of Ginger – 5 Reasons This Superfood Should Be In Your Diet

There are few things in life that deserve as much praise as the humble ginger root. For thousands of years, civilizations have discovered the natural healing properties, dietary rewards, and even cosmetic benefits of ginger.

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