Healthy Recipes to Keep You Hydrated – RAW SUMMER SALAD w/ Spicy Citrus Vinaigrette

According to the Institute of Medicine, 20 percent of your water intake comes from food. So when you don’t reach your water bottle quota for the day, you may have been better off than you thought if your diet consisted of fruit and veg.

We’ve talked tirelessly about the importance of keeping your vocals hydrated, but water is not the only means of reaching your RDA of H20.

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Healthy Recipes to Keep You Hydrated – Healthy Summer Slaw

Continuing our week’s worth of ultra-hydrating recipes for summer, we couldn’t leave out the seasonal staple: coleslaw.

Our recipe is not only low in calories, but packs serious nutritional value in addition to more than 90% water content in every ingredient.

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Healthy Recipes to Keep You Hydrated – Chilled Cucumber Gazpacho

We hear it over and over, day in and day out – drink water.

Unless the source is an untreated pond in the middle of the jungle or straight from the tap in L.A., nobody will ever tell you that drinking water is detrimental to your health…because the fact is, water really is the ultimate ingredient for healthy living.

But even though we all know how important it is to get your recommended eight glass a day, the majority of us probably cringe at the idea of forcing down eight full glasses of boring H20 every day. Luckily, you can supplement a few of those glasses with water-packed, healthy ingredients that not only taste far better than water, but provide your body [and professional voice] with serious health benefits.

We cooked up a week’s worth of recipes that not only come loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals, but the all-mighty H20. And just in time for summer, these health-conscious recipes are fat-free and a part of a clean-living plan for those of you looking to show off more than your pipes this summer.

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Professional Voice Blog - Bananas Pack a Nutritional Punch

Summer Superfoods for the Busy Professional – Bananas: The Original Forbidden Fruit

Not only are they one of the most versatile and widely consumed fruits on the planet, bananas are one of the oldest. Some historians even believe the banana was the actual forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden.

Summer Superfoods - Bananas

There are over 100 different varieties
of banana. Most widely consumed in the Western Hemisphere are
Cavendish bananas.Depicted frequently in Ancient Chinese, Hindu, Greek and Roman texts dating back to as early as 5000 B.C., bananas are believed to be one of the oldest foods on the planet. 

That story may be ancient history, but the facts remain – bananas are one of the world’s ultimate superfoods.

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Food is all to often a drug of choice to remedy depression. It is comforting, satisfying, and there is something mood-altering about dipping a spoon into an unopened gallon of smooth, sickly sweet cookie dough ice cream. With the first few bites, all of your cares and worries melt away just as literally as the [now half gallon] box of Haagen-Dazs, but what we are ultimately left with is an uncomfortably full stomach and a healthy dose of regret to add to the still lingering depression.

But why always the association of food and depression? Food gives us life, it provides sustenance, and has the unrivaled ability to bring people together… So why not embrace the positives that food brings to our lives and use to enhance our moods rather than keep us on a roller coaster of emotion?

Funny enough, food can actually be more capable of improving our moods than prescription drugs. So the next time you are feeling down, work stress becomes overwhelming, or if you have found simply found yourself in a mental rut, try some of these proven natural mood-enhancing ingredients.

Professional Voice Blog - 7 Foods To Improve Your Mood

For you performers and professional vocalists (that means you lawyers, broadcasters, teachers, politicians, speakers, and doctors with a full day of talking), these foods will not only help your mood, but are voice-friendly and an important part of a busy professional’s diet.

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Summer Superfood Series – VITAMIN A for Vocal Health & Skin

Summer is the best time of the year to load up on colorful vegetables and protein. Not only will a diet of veggies and protein keep your body lean, but this combination can also keep your vocals on point!

Why? Vitamin A.

Vitamin A helps keep your soft tissue, skin and mucous membranes healthy–which helps keep your throat hydrated, lubricated, and promotes overall throat health.

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