Colorado Surgical Team Leads the Country in Innovative Tech for Transoral Robotic Surgery

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medrobotics Flex(R) System robot is the first system from Medrobotics West of the Mississippi and is the first training center for Medrobotics for laryngeal robotic surgery in the world.

Innovation in tech is always exciting. We line up for the latest releases in mobile technology and dedicate countless pages of internet content to invention, innovation and progress in tech – but nothing touches and changes lives more than advancements in medicine.

And innovation in medical technology means far more than better picture quality or speed. It means that people are building and evolving machines that help save and improve the quality of human lives – and one of the most exciting revolutions in medical technology is happening right in our own backyard. The surgical team at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver, Colorado has already started to change lives with the acquisition of the Medrobotics Flex®Robotic System – the only system of its kind West of the Mississippi and the only system being used for transoral robotic surgery and laryngeal operations.

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The Politician’s Vocal Diet – 5 Ingredients to Avoid a Campaign Disaster

Candidates, are you protecting your most valuable campaign tool?


A politician’s voice may be their most valuable campaign tool, especially during an election year. With the rigors of a busy campaign schedule, traveling almost daily, and living out of a campaign bus or hotel rooms, sometimes maintaining a voice-friendly diet may not be at the top of your agenda.

But what happens when the candidate loses their voice? Disaster.

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Radishes and their Many Health Benefits

More Beneficial Than Water? How to stay hydrated with these water-logged superfoods

It is drilled into our brains from an early age – ‘Drink your eight glasses of water a day!’. But as easy as this sounds, sometimes downing those eight glasses can feel like torture.

Have no fear, water-haters… You can help reach your goals in other, tastier ways. In fact, some of these superfoods are a better way to hydrate than water itself!

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