Waking Up Hoarse? When to See an ENT Specialist

Waking up hoarse?

We’ve all had that frog in our throat first thing in the morning — maybe it’s acid reflux, maybe the result of sleeping with the ceiling fan on, or perhaps the effects of the cold you just got over?

These are all potential causes for an early morning raspy voice, however if that 7am hoarseness lasts longer than a month, it may be time to see your doctor. 


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Fight Acid Reflux – 7 Summer Food Swaps to Avoid Reflux without Ruining Your Summer BBQ

Caused by stomach acid flowing back up into the esophagus, acid reflux is not only uncomfortable, but can be a detriment to your professional voice.

The most common causes of acid reflux are related to consuming large amounts of food that are high in acid and fat, eating heavily before bed, alcohol or carbonated beverages, or taking certain muscle relaxers, ibuprofen or aspirin.

Basically, everything you did over your 4th of July weekend (or typical summer BBQ).

So now that we know the biggest triggers for acid reflux, what are the best alternatives to curb the nasty side effects without ruining your summer BBQ plans?
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The Top Professions At Risk For Vocal Trauma

Speaking is a part of our every day lives, but for some, the voice is paramount to your profession. For those of us who rely on our voice for more than the average daily conversation, maintaining vocal health should not be overlooked.

And just like we exercise to keep our bodies fit and healthy, proper diet and exercise is just as important for keeping our vocals healthy. Proper vocal maintenance can help prevent you from losing your voice or a vocal trauma that could sideline you from your job — which can be a hit to both your career and wallet. Just ask artists like Adele and Sam Smith, who have had to cancel major performances and tour dates to treat vocal traumas.

So who is the most at risk?

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Five Things That Will Kill Your Voice On Tour

Some times when you are a professional musician, you can spend more than half the year on the road, which means your tour bus becomes your home away from home. And while you may love the idea of having your ‘home’ generously stocked with salty snacks, rider leftovers, and enough alcohol to fuel the first leg with Guns ‘N’ Roses – your voice won’t share in your enthusiasm.

Touring may mean you’re on your way to success, or depending on the size of your ride, that you’ve already made it to the top. But the choices you make on that bus can also be the downfall of your career if you rely on your pipes for your paycheck.

So how do you balance the temptations of the road, the lack of a Whole Foods on every corner, a fast food budget, and a body and soul-destorying nightly after party?

There is a way.

You don’t need to be the recluse singer who hides in the back of the tour bus until they get on stage and retreats to their cave immediately after, obsesses over vegan protein shakes, and does Cross Fit on the side of the bus – we all know that guy. You don’t need to be that guy.

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Getting to the Root of Ginger – 5 Reasons This Superfood Should Be In Your Diet

There are few things in life that deserve as much praise as the humble ginger root. For thousands of years, civilizations have discovered the natural healing properties, dietary rewards, and even cosmetic benefits of ginger.

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Beauty & The Voice – Five Household Items To Keep Your Voice in Shape…And Keep Your Skin Looking Amazing

Let’s face it, the bulk of professions that employ top-notch vocals also require a flawless complexion. From broadcasters to politicians, musicians to actors, even lawyers and teachers, your skin is under as much stress as your voice.

So why not kill two birds with one stone? A healthy diet of vocal-friendly foods, and a few household items can not only keep your valuable pipes in shape, but your skin glowing…and chances are, you already have everything you need at home.

Here are five household items that every professional vocalist and speaker should have on hand.

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Acid Reflux After the Super Bowl? Try This Delicious Remedy

Feeling a little bit rough after the big game? Whether you suffer from heartburn or not, you more than likely didn’t do your body any favors with the spicy, fatty, and heavy foods that we love to indulge on during the Super Bowl.

If you happened to have a few too many wings, here is a delicious remedy that will help sooth that acid reflux and get your ENT system back on track!

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