Braving the Cold Weather? 5 Ways To Protect Your Voice During Winter Outdoor Activities

Whether you are a weekend warrior on the slopes or heading out to watch Sunday night football, even a few minutes of exposure to cold winter temperatures can be harmful on your pipes.

So, if you are planning on heading out in this upcoming cold snap, venturing to a football game or hitting the high altitude Rocky Mountain resorts, you should definitely pay attention.

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Acid Reflux After the Super Bowl? Try This Delicious Remedy

Feeling a little bit rough after the big game? Whether you suffer from heartburn or not, you more than likely didn’t do your body any favors with the spicy, fatty, and heavy foods that we love to indulge on during the Super Bowl.

If you happened to have a few too many wings, here is a delicious remedy that will help sooth that acid reflux and get your ENT system back on track!

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